When your gun malfunctions or just isn't feeling up to par, call on Rock Ridge Gunworks. We provide most any service required to return your firearm to proper working order or, to improve performance. Often, the underlying cause of a malfunction may not be readily apparent. Unlike shops that simply replace parts, Rock Ridge Gunworks believes that the proper diagnosis of what caused your gun to malfunction in the first place is critical in prescribing the nature and extent of repairs required to cure the problem. Often defective parts are not the culprit and may simply need adjustment in lieu of replacement. Each firearm submitted for repair will be examined and evaluated on an individual basis. The extent and cost of repairs will be estimated for your approval BEFORE any repairs are implemented. If new parts are required, we will use original parts when available. Custom fabrication of parts is also an option for obsolete or antique items. All parts & accessories are fitted exactly. We don't mass produce anything. All repaired firearms will be function and safety checked, and test fired, before returning to the customer.
Rock Ridge Gunworks is committed to providing our customers with superior work, completed in a timely fashion, at a competitive price. Our work is meticulous throughout and, each gun will be function & safety checked before it leaves the shop. Most will also be test-fired unless repairs are minor.
Rock Ridge Gunworks is committed to the quality restoration, repair and restocking of modern, antique and collectible firearms. Has that first gun or irreplaceable family heirloom fallen into disrepair? Do you wish you could display it with pride? We can help bring it back to life and looking like you first remembered. Just give us a call.
Whether you're looking for a custom carry gun or, that one of a kind sporting rifle, Rock Ridge Gunworks is ready to help you achieve your goal. We understand that the design of any custom (or customized) firearm will evolve from a number of very personal requirements and choices. We look forward to the opportunity of listening to your desires and collaborating with you, the customer, in planning and executing your special firearm project. Contact us to see how we can help make your idea a reality.
Rock Ridge Gunworks offers the following metal finishes on a regular basis. Others may be available on request.
The quality of a bluing, or other, finish job depends almost entirely on the quality of preparation prior to finishing. Metal prep involves polishing the metal to the desired finish and truing flats, squaring corners, etc. At Rock Ridge Gunworks, our prep work is meticulous.
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And, we do much more. If what you're looking for is not listed above, call or come by today to discuss any of your gunsmithing needs from general repairs to one of a kind custom builds.
Sometimes a thorough cleaning is all that is needed to keep your gun in top shape. Even guns that are field-stripped and cleaned on a regular basis will accumulate debris, fouling, and crusted lubricant in inaccessable areas. Again, Rock Ridge Gunworks can help. We offer a Comprehensive Detail Cleaning and Inspection for any firearm. During this process, your gun will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and liberally oiled with BreakFree CLP. During reassembly, excess oil will be removed and, critical friction surfaces will receive a light application of moly lubricant. During the entire process, a thorough inspection of all components will be conducted and, when reassembled, your gun will be given a reliability check to insure safe operation. We will provide you a written evaluation of the condition of your gun and, if warranted, suggestions on work that may be required to return it to A-1 condition.
Actions: We can smooth the action on Handguns & Rifles by precisely stoning and polishing critical surfaces. This minimizes friction associated with a gun's internal functioning resulting in a smooth take-up before firing. However, trigger pull weight is not appreciably affected by an action job.

Triggers: We can adjust trigger pull weight but recommend that this service be preceded by an action job in order to achieve a smooth take-up with a crisp break. (In no case will triggers be adjusted below 2 lbs.)

Accurizing: In addition to action and trigger work, we provide other accurizing services including: cut and crown work, bolt handle work, glass-bedding, etc.
Stock Making
At Rock Ridge Gunworks, stockmaking is something we truly enjoy and we execute it with the precision you would expect. We can create your stock from a new semi-inletted stock or, carve it in almost any configuration from a stock blank. We can duplicate a design original to the gun or, one of your choosing. The sky can be the limit here so we plan your stock to fit your needs and budget on a case by case basis. We have ready access to high quality kiln-dried stock blanks ranging from select grade, to exhibition grade wood.

Wood Finishing
Finishing (and Re-Finishing) can be provided in several different levels of finish and sheen. At the low end we can apply a hand-rubbed 3 to 5 coat Tru-Oil finish that is the most economical, but wears well. At the high end we can apply a hand-rubbed oil finish that we formulate ourselves in multiple coats up to 15. This provides the very best finish for fine woods.
Cost for finishing varies with the grade of finish desired, particularly with a re-finishing job. The condition of the existing wood, possible repairs, whether oil-staining needs to be removed, checkering restored, etc., are all considerations when quoting a firm price. Please contact us for further information.
Recoil pads (and Butt Plates) can be installed on your existing stock as a replacement or upgrade. When installed on stocks that WILL be refinished, pads will be installed and ground absolutely flush with the finished wood. When installed on stocks that WILL NOT be refinished, pads will be installed and ground to within .003" from flush with the existing wood finish.
We offer a broad selection of firearm services including:
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