Welcome to the website of Rock Ridge Gunworks. Look no further than Rock Ridge Gunworks for all of your gunsmithing needs. We offer a wide range of Gunsmithing and Repair services for all types of firearms including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, both old and new. Located in Irondale, Alabama, we accept local walk-in business as well as work shipped from anywhere in the USA.

We believe that personalized service and the execution of top-notch work is the key to customer satisfaction. We always strive to complete your gunsmithing project in a timely fashion and, at a competitive price. Contact us to discuss your gunsmithing needs and to see how we can best help you with your firearm.
Gun malfunctions can occur for many reasons. Therefore, proper diagnosis of the problem is the critical first step in curing your firearm's ailments. At Rock Ridge Gunworks each gun is evaluated on an individual basis to determine the underlying cause of the problem and, to determine what is needed to correct it. Once that is done, the extent and cost of work required will be estimated for your approval before any repairs are implemented.

Rock Ridge Gunworks is committed to performing each procedure to the complete satisfaction of our customer whether it be a simple repair or, a complicated custom modification. We take this very seriously as our reputation is on the line. All repairs are done meticulously, and each firearm is function & safety checked before it leaves the shop.


Rock Ridge Gunworks has the tooling and equipment necessary for most work. On the rare occasion that a project may require aquisition of a new tool or fixture you will NOT be charged for the tooling.

I look forward to talking with you about any of your firearm needs.

Paul Fridl
Rock Ridge Gunworks

In appreciation for those who keep us safe, we offer a 10% Discount on labor charges for Law Enforcement Officers, Military, and Firefighters.

When parts need to be replaced we will use original parts whenever available. Custom fabrication of parts is also an option for obsolete or antique items. We don't mass produce anything. All parts & accessories are fitted exactly to each firearm.



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